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Where in the World is Tyler Cramer?

With a whirlwind trip come and gone, Around in the World in 109 Days has gone silent. You were promised a new post every Friday, yeah right. Maybe if by ‘every Friday’ I meant for a couple of weeks in May, and then after that, nothing. With angry mobs, riots, protests, and hate mail becoming a regular occurrence, I thought I’d try to clear the air. Shedding some light on one of 2015’s greatest mysteries.

What on earth happened to Tyler Cramer? Did he complete his trip? Did he get abducted by Gypsies in Prague, imprisoned by armed vigilantes in Africa, or worse, was he unable to find a decent pierogi in Poland!? Just the thought makes me quiver.

The truth is, it’s just not easy to write when you’re on the go. “Is that an excuse?”, you retort. Well maybe if I stayed in some swanky hotel (you know the ones that have windows and their own mattress), I’d be able to write more. Then again, what story would I have to tell if I traveled in such opulence? I wouldn’t, I tell you.

Say I begin my story: “As I wheeled by matching suitcases into the elevator, I glanced down at my hotel welcome sheet. It was only then I realized my wifi password was 23 digits long! Enraged, I made my way to my suite, I kicked off my shoes (designer, of course), jumped on my duvet covered California King sized bed and twisted the cap off of a miniature Perrier to calm my nerves. To make matters worse, room service arrived with the wrong kind of caviar…”. I have to stop, I’m getting nauseous.

No, travel stories come from stepping outside the box. Taking a Czech night train to Kraków, where it’s three bunks to one cabin (the size of hamster’s living room) setting out only with the advice: “lock your door, it’s for your safety”, or running through the streets of Dubai, while on a layover. Aimlessly wandering around a city, just south of Iran, without a map at midnight (ironically looking for the tallest building in the world, you’d think you could spot it easier) where the temperature is a balmy 107ºF (41ºC) the highest average night-time temperature second to the sun. Who knew your ear lobes could sweat? Anyway, you try writing a blog with melting finger tips, or in a bunk bed so tight you can’t even sleep on your side.

So to answer your questions. Yes, I’m still on the planet (I’m afraid that’s contingent on whether or not they will open up space travel to the public. I can see it now, Around the Solar System in 109,000 Years).  Yes, I completed my trip. I have plenty of stories and I ate plenty of food (two necessary qualifications for anything I occupy my time with), the pierogis were more than decent. No, I managed to escape from the Gypsies and armed vigilantes, unfortunately I wasn’t able to escape with them either (apparently they don’t allow that through airport security these days).

And the final question. Are you going to be writing more blogs, or what!? The answer is, of course, yes. It may not be every Friday, but I’ll do my best. I am making my way to my California King this minute, with a bottle of Perrier. Let’s just hope they get the caviar right this time…



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